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Default Re: Older ISH'ers who are the reputed leapers and "above basket" dunkers from Wilt's Era?

Originally Posted by Psileas
Billy Cunningham should definitely be in. His nick alone is enough to secure reputation points.

I do remember one emphatic tomahawk-like dunk he once gave, and that play does exist. 2 more dunks at 1:07 and 1:31 here:
Cunninghams nickname might be misleading, Hannum refers to his nickname more along the lines of meaning "offensive punch" (like how boxing Kangaroos punch) in the '67 76ers documentary and I have absolutely zero footage of Billy Cunningham dunking even combing through ABA footage, I have footage of him jumping high on a rebound once - and on a wide open break away in the '72 all star game he elevates but does a soft layup, no dunk, unless you've seen him dunk I'm not sure he was ever considered a dunker
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