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Default Re: ESPN: Bulls will likely extend Gibson, Amnesty Boozer

Originally Posted by Go Getter

Elite anchor?

Put the pipe down man.

Well, if you wanna be dumb, you go and be. Asik is probably a top 5 defensive center. If you can't see that, then you're an idiot.

Originally Posted by Money 23
Noah isn't anything special, either. He got overpaid, too. Meanwhile we gave a superior version of him away for free.99 (Tyson Chandler)

Chandler is not better than Noah, at anything. Ehh, he's a pure center and more of an anchor, so I guess he's better there.

Noah is the better defender, I feel. Better shot-blocker, very good passer, more all-around, can play PF (might even be one), equal rebounder, better offensive player with ease and very serviceable in that regard.

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