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Default Re: ESPN: Bulls will likely extend Gibson, Amnesty Boozer

Originally Posted by Money 23
He's clearly a superior athlete. Better pick and roll player, better interior defender / shot blocker. Same level in terms of rebounding. Yes, Chandler is better. Chandler is the main reason why the Mavericks went from stiff playoff competition to NBA champion.

I'll give him interior defender, but he's not a better shot-blocker. Chandler has never been a particularly good shot-blocker. Noah is better.

But you're right, he is the better athlete. As far as the pick n' roll, I wouldn't agree. I'm not saying Noah is better, but I don't necessarily think Chandler is either.

Noah is also 3 years younger. And I do think he's the better player. On defense, he reminds me a little of KG and a lot of Davis. I think he's better suited to being given full roaming license on the defensive end. I like him as more of a PF/C combo than as an actual C...main reason why, if I'm the Bulls, I do everything to trade for Al Horford.
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