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Default Re: ESPN: Bulls will likely extend Gibson, Amnesty Boozer

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
I'll give him interior defender, but he's not a better shot-blocker. Chandler has never been a particularly good shot-blocker. Noah is better.

But you're right, he is the better athlete. As far as the pick n' roll, I wouldn't agree. I'm not saying Noah is better, but I don't necessarily think Chandler is either.

Noah is also 3 years younger. And I do think he's the better player. On defense, he reminds me a little of KG and a lot of Davis. I think he's better suited to being given full roaming license on the defensive end. I like him as more of a PF/C combo than as an actual C...main reason why, if I'm the Bulls, I do everything to trade for Al Horford.

Agree, Horford would do wonders for the Bulls. And yes, he is a PF. We have no choice, because we don't have a center that can spread the floor. Nazr can definitely do that, but he's not starter material.
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