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Default Re: GT: Celtics @ Sixers, preseason game 4

Originally Posted by GOBB
Gadzuric signed as a training camp body. Do your homework.

Kwaaaaamay Brown is a scrub to me. So there is one but he didnt play.

Spencer Hawes before he went down to injury was having a good season. He's a face up big man who has improved rebounding. Nowhere that we need to discuss it. But not as pathetic as he used to be. The fact he can pass out the high post, hit midrange jumpers is a bonus to pull other bigs from the rim. Its quality depth we're talkin about and Hawes fits that bill. Does he start the entire season? Who knows. When he plays you're not looking at a scrub. Celtics signed one in J.Collins. I'll wait to see you try to defend that.

Lavoy Allen promising forward. Got even bigger over the summer. Strong as an ox, sets old school screens. If he can show a consistent jumper from 12-15 ft? Solid. Still has work to do overall but a late 2nd rd pick that took KGs lunch last postseason? He's no scrub.

Moultrie was a lottery pick talent that fell to late first. Athletic forward with a motor on the glass. He factors in behind Thaddeus Young, Lavoy Allen and sometimes Hawes. Right, where is the depth you said correct? Damn I'm owning you and I havent even gone in too deep yet. Wow. Jared Sully is the Celtics rookie. He doesnt factor into the Celtics depth now does he. (sarcasm)

D.Wright, Jason Richardson, Nick Young are all guys who can hit from the perimeter, most namely 3pt land. When you aquire a big like Bynum he'll draw attention. We also have guys like Holiday/Turner who are good at penetrating and kicking out. In the past Sixers had no perimeter shooting to scare teams. Now? Teams think twice before leaving any 3 of these guys wide open. Nick Young can create his own offense just like Lou Williams did. His size will allow him to get off shots that Lou couldnt. To Lou credit he was great at pump faking and drawing the foul when a defender left his feet. My point is Nick Young doesnt need to do that. I expect him to pick up where Lou left off and slightly better. Richardson is a veteran who pretty much has a game beyond the arc. He's solid in that regard. D.Wright had a breakout season for GSW. None of them are scrubs. Celtics signed Courtney Lee. Is he a scrub?

Maalik Wayns is the only guy I can see you being shocked at. Dont worry others are just as shocked because he went undrafted and showe his skills in summer league. And so far this preseason has been phenominal. He'll be the backup PG Sixers lacked. He can easily get 10mpg here.

So sorry I see no scrubs. Moultrie and Wayns will show their worth much like Avery Bradley did. That scrub.
Come on now. You sure can justify each and every of them, that's why they're on a team. But are they known for a non Sixers fan? Bynum, Holiday, maybe. I liked Lou Williams but he's gone. Nick Young, for his inability to develop and being a bonehead overall. Now you have you guys there, but do they have any kind of a name? I mean seriously, after Bynum most accomplished player is Jason Richardson. That says a ton, doesn't it.

Collins is a terrible basketball player and I do not want him. Bradley was a nobody, but now they know him. Come back after the season, again.
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