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Default Re: 23 hr flight from NY to Seoul - need a game to download and play on my laptop

Originally Posted by macmac
Did you ever play Earthbound on the SNES? They also have the translated sequel, Mother 3, on the GBA, both extremely excellent games
yes i played the original earthbound. Never got to play with Mother 3 on the GBA. I think I stopped with emulators before they had it translated.

How are the battle sequences? EB was good, but battles were just boring. I always wanted to see how you beat an alien with a baseball bat.

As far as non emulator games go, Heroes of Might Magic 3 is incredible, XCOM just came out with a new game and so did the Worms franchise
I remember Heroes. I don't think I vaguely remember trying out abandonware. Not sure if it was Heroes 2 or 3. I'll look into it
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