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Default Re: Ryan talking about playing Tebow at RB now

Originally Posted by niko
Yes, Tebow may play running back and in preseason he was anchoring the super secret wildcat and in previous weeks we discussed Cromartie is going to play receiver and McKnight corner back. All of this is stupid and idle chatter. Tebow is not a running back. If the Giants were thin at running back we wouldn't be running a defensive guy out there, we'd go get one off the practice squad. Or go sign one. Because it's what normal teams do who don't want a byline.

This is all just chatter, it's meaningless for the game. Tebow's not going to be playing RB - maybe more wildcat but that's it. It's just Rex feeling the need to make proclamations.

Note: I by no means think Rex is a bad coach (he's a good coach) nor do i count the Jets out of this game (why not?), but when he makes his weekly LOOK AT ME statement, why do people listen?

I'm pretty sure they did get a RB off the practice squad. His name is Jonathan Grimes.

I agree Tebow probably won't be playing RB. But a reporter asked him about it, so Rex just said it is a possibility. He was pretty vague about it. I don't really see it as a proclamation.
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