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Default Re: Andrea Bargnani facing sink-or-swim season with Raptors

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
He's here and getting 32+ minutes per game as long as Colangelo is here regardless of his quality of play.

I honestly disagree.

Heard BC on 590 a couple weeks ago (on PTS I think) and he basically said the same thing: that it's on Andrea to actually play this year.

I think he's sufficiently pleased with JV, has a new apple in his eye, and would have no qualms with moving AB if that's what was needed. I do think he'll get a lot of rope.

bokes - I don't think he'd be that hard to get rid of. You might not get the value back that you would have a year or two ago, but there's always a GM out there who thinks he can "fix" a player with as much skill as AB has.
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