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Default Re: Raps vs. Knicks tonight!!

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
lol...same here!

Lowry looked awesome. And i'm lovin Val's aggressiveness/fearlessness. Only 20 years old!. damn!
We are watchable again! I went through a 2 year stretch of only memories being enough to keep me even mildly entertained by this team. Val looks like a beast on the blocks. And once he can get a little smarter on the defensive end we will have a true gem. 10 boards and a block in 24 minutes. And Lowry was controlling the tempo all game. Knocking down 3's left and right, making some pinpoint passes, started the fast break, rebounding, playing D, everything. Jose looked like he was a little uncomfortable coming off that bench roll but he seemed to pick it up in the 2nd half and sort of figure out his place. I know it's only the preseason but I still think we are going to surprise a lot of people with how competitive we are, even if this team falls out of the playoff race.
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