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Default Re: #71 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by Deuce Bigalow
Alex English

8 NBA All-Star (19821989)
3 All-NBA Second Team (19821983, 1986)
NBA scoring champion (1983)
25,613 career points (13th all-time)

80-81: 24-8-4 55%ts, Team: 37-45, missed playoffs
81-82: 25-4-7 60%ts, Team: 46-36, made playoffs
82-83: 28-7-5 56%ts, Team: 45-37, 2nd round
83-84: 26-6-5 57%ts, Team: 38-44, made playoffs
84-85: 28-6-4 56%ts, Team: 52-30, conference finals
85-86: 30-5-4 56%ts, Team: 47-35, 2nd round
86-87: 29-4-5 55%ts, Team: 37-45, made playoffs
87-88: 25-5-5 54%ts, Team: 54-28, 2nd round
88-89: 27-4-5 53%ts, Team: 44-38, made playoffs

80-81 to 88-89: 27-6-5 56%ts 51%fg
2nd highest ppg in that time span behind Jordan
Made the Playoffs 8 times
Led team to 50+ wins and to the conference finals
Got past the first round 4 times
Missed a combined 5 games during those 9 seasons
Both guys are similar as they played with deep competition at there position. But is seems as Bing fared far better.

Bing was All-NBA 1st team in 1968 over Jerry West and sharing a spot with Oscar Robertson. In 71, West joined him as he bested Oscar this time and Walt Frazier.

It could be argued the only guards better than him at his best were West, O and Frazier. He was better than Pistol Pete, Pearl Monroe and Gail Goodrich. Probably the same level as Tiny Archibald.

With English, not only Bird and Doc, but also King, Wilkins, Marques Johnson. I think he was better than Dantley and Aguirre.
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