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Originally Posted by Shade8780
I'm a 13 year old guy and my dream is to make it to the big time. I'm really dedicated to doing all the work and I know it's going to take a lot. I'm in 8th Grade and I'm 5'11". I am very athletic for my age and can nearly dunk it. My weaknesses are dribbling and shooting, obviously very important. I'm an alright shooter but my dribbling isn't good. Does anyone have a good practice routine like how long I should practice, what I should do, stuff like that. Again, my dream is to make it to the NBA. Thanks :)

if you dont have descent dribbling skills at 13, then its almost guaranteed you will not be good enough to make the nba. you wont turn into kyrie irving in the next 2 years to be good enough to get a basketball scholarship. But your 5'11, if you grow another 7 and < inches in the next 3 years then dribbling wont be as important. but here is how the dynamics of dribbling works.

dribbling is really a rhythm exactly like music structure, can be switched in 4th 8th 16th 32 64notes. 4th notes being a slow hard dribble where the ball stays in your palm for as long as possible, 64 notes being a machine gun dribble. practice different speed/rhythm each hand for each rhythm(4-5 dribbles each then switch to another speed.) when you start memorizing and getting natural at switching dribble speeds, then you can intertwine dribbling with both your hands.

after you get rhythm down, you need to learn what you can actually do with the ball. theres really only 5 ways you can dribble a ball.

(ball is in your right hand)
1. you can dribble the ball in front to your left hand.
1. you can dribble it behind your back to the left hand
3. you can dribble it through your legs to your left hand
4. you can reverse dribble it through your legs to your left hand can just dribble it and the ball stays in your right hand.

practice these with your right hand, then with your left, then you can combine them and have a never ending combination of dribbles until.

now that you learned dribbling combinations, and dribbling rhthem, intertwine them together and you will be a descent dribbler.

Now what makes a person a great dribbler? is there footwork and body movement. your footwork and body movement will dictate how you actually dribble the ball, what difficult crossovers you can pull off and how you will pattern your way into the lane or crossing someone over. it is very dynamic and alot of excercises i can think of, but im not going to post another 5 paragraphs on footwork. so heres my simple advice to you to build opon it. learn to walk forwards and backwards while dribble the ball between your legs. And learn to walk forwards and backwards while dribbling the ball between your legs with a reverse dribble.

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