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Default Re: Andrea Bargnani facing sink-or-swim season with Raptors

To me, he's not as much as a rarity as Dirk was when he came into the league. Yeah he's a big dude who has a lot of different offensive abilities. Shoot 3's, take you off the dribble, back down (capability, though he doesn't do it often) etc... But the way of the big man has transformed to the perimeter. Look at a lot of the prominent 4's in todays NBA. K. Love, Amar'e, Bosh, Gasol, Randolph, Aldridge, Dirk, Boozer, etc... Offensively, there's actually a lot of bigs i'd take over Bargnani. If we're just talking strictly talent in terms of ability then yes his overall skillset is pretty unique for his size. But in terms of how much of that ability he utilizes over the course of a season, not so much. He's the Vince Carter of big men in terms of untapped potential.
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