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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

I am starting to come to the conclusion that Left 4 Dead 2 just might be the best fps multiplayer fun game i ever played, 3 years going (5 if you count L4D1) and still not bored a single bit, there is some special custom servers i found with 10 vs 10 players that gives special abilities as a zombie or survivor and Valve keeps adding new content... ridicilous fun... i am not sure what it is but all i can say is the game is just completely original, completely different from your typical fps multiplayer games that keeps spamming today like call of duty... the feel of being a zombie (and oh my god so awesome type of zombies & abilities they have) instead might have something to do with it to... and oh yea, the realistic gore combined with melee weapons such as Katana, Chainsaw and so on slaughtering thru hordes of zombies like if you were that guy from the movie Braindead in that final scene... can never bore me out...

I play only fps multiplayer (starting from quake 1/2/3, half life, counter strike, battlefield, call of duty and so on) and none of them could keep me playing for that long with the consistant amount of excitement...

Highly recommend you try this game out, preferably on PC... and for you who got "bored" of L4D, get back in and try some of those new 10+ vs 10+ custom servers (you have no idea what you are missing!)...

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