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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
I agree. They led by 18 against the Wizards - won in a tight game.
Led by 10+ against the Raptors - lost in a blowout
Led by 20 against the Celtics - lost by 10.

Giving up a big lead is the worst way to lose. It hurts a lot. Personally I like more when we lose in a blowout in which we were down by 10 or more for most of the game.
Im not trying to poo poo you guys concerns but the numbers are misleading in preseason. I know in the Wizards game specifically, it had to do with the substitution patterns of both teams. The guys the Wizards were putting on the court in the 2nd qtr will be on their roster. We pretty much put out our summer league team at times. Bellifield, Thompson, Shurna... Those guys arent making this roster. Even tho I like that Simms brings that Gtown big man passing ability, I doubt he will crack the roster either.

Im up n down on Copeland. He has a pretty decent skill set but he might just be too slow for the NBA game. At least he doesnt look like a total scrub out there.

Btw, anyone see the work my boy Malik Wayns is puttin in out in Philly? Lol
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