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Default Re: Games You Hope for Someday?

Originally Posted by Mr. I'm So Rad
No way. The combo system in Tenkaichi 3, as well as minor tweaks (like only using up half of your energy if a blast 2 rush doesn't connect) was much better in Tenkaichi 3. Tenkaichi 2 was great but 3 was even better.

I agree with this. I downloaded BT3 on my modded Wii and have been pretty addicted to it lately. Love the motion controls with the Wiimote when it's responsive, hate it when it's not. I beat all 100 missions, created super versions of all my favorite characters to play as (Vegeta 2nd Form, Kid Buu, Super Baby Vegeta 2, SSJ4 Vegeta, and Kid Trunks), and now I'm trying to get all Zs or As on the missions. Fun stuff.
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