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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Im not trying to poo poo you guys concerns but the numbers are misleading in preseason. I know in the Wizards game specifically, it had to do with the substitution patterns of both teams. The guys the Wizards were putting on the court in the 2nd qtr will be on their roster. We pretty much put out our summer league team at times. Bellifield, Thompson, Shurna... Those guys arent making this roster. Even tho I like that Simms brings that Gtown big man passing ability, I doubt he will crack the roster either.

Im up n down on Copeland. He has a pretty decent skill set but he might just be too slow for the NBA game. At least he doesnt look like a total scrub out there.

Btw, anyone see the work my boy Malik Wayns is puttin in out in Philly? Lol
Yeah the main rotation builds leads and they let the bench guys play. I see nothing wrong with that. Its actually been good to me.

I never saw Copeland as being slow though I have to check that out. I am surprised how much he has impressed me to the point that I wouldnt mind seeing him on the final roster. Its not the scoring either he just plays the game it doesnt seem to much for him. Do you think he can play both forward spots?

Simms another guy I like. Definitely a project but I rather see him that Kurt or Sheed honestly. I would love to see him get developed instead of the NBDL league. Let him make the roster and put in the work. He can play behind Tyson and Camby.

So far I like Pablo but he does make some bone head plays but its from trying to do too much or trying to make the fancy play. Thats something that can be coached if its really part of his game. I rather see him get minutes than Kidd honestly. At least he can penetrate, dish, or make a lay up.

James White probably can be a depth player.
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