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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Jasi
I agree that if only plays at the perimeter he's not at his best.
But even then, he's a superstar.
Everyone knows I dont think this dude is a superstar until he proves he can play both ends of the floor and be a leader. At this point who cares anyways he's here and he aint going no where. Right now its about these guys trying to win a championship.

I dont think he's bad on the perimeter he probably could be more decisive. Anytime he has the ball no one knows what's going to happen should they stand around and not get in his way or make moves because he will look for them. If they make moves they might get in his way and draw his ire or stand around and let him get doubled tripled team. Not easy at all.

IMHO the only time I would stand around in an open area is when he post any other time everyone should be moving and cutting.

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