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This draft looks to be really bad.

1) If Cody Zeller has the same measurements as his brother then he should not go in the top 5 with those dinosaur arms. Going to be a big liability on defense and will struggle to an extent against the trees in the NBA.

2) Bazz can't go right and his handling is poor.

3) McAdoo doesn't have the perimeter skills to be a 3 and the patience and post game to play in the paint. Bad combo forward.

4) Noel's offensive game is really raw. Much worse than Davis at the same stage. Plus he likes to face up and handle for some odd reason. PF projection, imo.

5) Meh, Mitchell is like Wilson Chandler or Gerald Green. I would draft that in the top 5.

6) I like Porter. Although I question Georgetown prospects for some reason.

7) I haven't seen KCP play since high school, so I don't know.

8) Love Poythress.

9) Yet to see Adams play outside of the Adidas Nations. Looked good.

10) Really? Barely top 50 kid is projected to be a one and done top 10 pick? That just seems odd. He reminds me a lot of those wings KU always gets. The Selby and Elijah Johnson's of the world.

11) Len is solid and is a good defensive player from the handful of games I watched last season. But seriously, top 11 for this guy? I don't know. Maybe scouts see something I don't and that's why it's their career choice.

12) I don't know anything about the French guy except for his wingspan.

13) Harrow was not a good PG when he was a freshman. There's a reason why Lo Brown pushed him out, even though he's not a PG. Plus the kid used to be a tooth pick, maybe he still is. Something tells me he kills it in that dribble drive system, though. Kind of reminds me of a frail Jeff Teague.

14) Lo is not a PG. He can play. Just not at the PG position.

And that's your lottery? I see like 7 players that might develop into legit starters on a playoff team down the line. Not a single true franchise player. Maybe three to the extent that Eric Gordon is one, but eh... Just because a franchise wants to build around a player, it doesn't make him a franchise talent.
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