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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
Yeah the main rotation builds leads and they let the bench guys play. I see nothing wrong with that. Its actually been good to me.

I never saw Copeland as being slow though I have to check that out. I am surprised how much he has impressed me to the point that I wouldnt mind seeing him on the final roster. Its not the scoring either he just plays the game it doesnt seem to much for him. Do you think he can play both forward spots?

In limited minutes...yes actually. I think he'd need to bulk up a bit but yea...I think he could play both spots. His game is very similar to Tobais Harris...though he's less athletic. He's kind of slow for a PF like a Luol Deng but he's effective at times. If he improves his defense and uses his size to his advantage like Luol does, he could become an asset. I wouldnt mind him making the roster.

Simms another guy I like. Definitely a project but I rather see him that Kurt or Sheed honestly. I would love to see him get developed instead of the NBDL league. Let him make the roster and put in the work. He can play behind Tyson and Camby.

Simms comes from that new JT3 lineage of Georgetown Centers who all can pass really well. (Hibbert and Monroe) Unfortunately, his skillset outside of his passing isn't as good. He needs to put on a lot more muscle and get tougher. He has a decent mid range J. He's a guy who you only acquire if you're going to take the time to develop him. If you are gonna treat him like Memphis treated Thabeet, then he's a waste of time. His time under JTIII instilled basketball IQ and principles that you don't see out of young players anymore, however,his 1-on-1 skills are very limited. It's almost like a player who's only played in a read option offense going to the NFL.

IMHO the only time I would stand around in an open area is when he post any other time everyone should be moving and cutting.
I agree. It begins with Melo but it shouldn't END with Melo. Our entire offense needs to get faster. I remember when I used to play ball, I had a friend who played SG. When I would swing him the ball, he'd look at the D and hold it, then do what he needed to do from there. I always used to ask him why and he never could give me a good answer. Some players are just mentally conditioned to do that. Kinda like spinning the ball when you shoot free throws. Most ppl dont even know why they're doing it. If everyone knows the plays, the offense shouldnt be stagnant. Bottom line is, you know what you're going to do before the defense does. That's why they have scouts and practice. So with the right ball movement, you should always be a step ahead. The object on offense is to score baskets. The easiest way to do that is to create mismatches and have the defense in a trail position. All holding the ball does is let the defense regroup. The only person who should hold the ball like that is the person initiating the play or resetting the offense. Quicker ball movement not only keeps the defense on their heels but it also adds to the fatigue factor. It's no different than the no huddle offense in football. End of the day, a pass is always going to move fast than a defender.

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