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Default Re: Make 3 bold predictions for 2012

Originally Posted by Bano114
Honestly your bold prediction from the Eagles is what I feel is kind of expected for the Eagles just because of the talent they have.

If you said that last season for the Eagles it wouldn't be a bold statement. But if you said last year the Eagles wouldnt make the play-offs (i know you wouldn't) that would be a bold statement.

These are my bold predictions that I'm hoping will happen but now that I put it out there probably won't because of my luck.

1. Darren McFadden has a monster season and becomes the best RB in the NFL.

2. Cam Newton has a disappointing season in which he does not live up to the standards he set last season at all.

3. Andrew Luck has a better season then Peyton Manning. (This ones not really based off much just threw this one out there for fun.)

At least I got one thing right.
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