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Default Re: Detroit Pistons training camp roster

I'm sure Joe D would love to get rid of Charlie's contract. That would be a tough task to do though. I'd like to see Williams and Flynn on the roster as well, especially Williams. What typically happens with the guys like that who make a pre-season training camp roster is they end up signing with another team about a month into the season after there's a few injuries that open up spots. I think both of those guys have teams around the league interested in them and they'll land somewhere.

It feels like the Pistons are going to make a trade. That could open up a spot or two. Typically trades don't happen right in the begining of the season though so that wouldn't help with this situation exactly. There's just not enough good FA's next offseason and the Pistons will have a ton of cap space. I see the Pistons taking on a contract that another team may not want because of the new cap rules. I think Joe D shouldn't let the money burn a hole in his pocket this time. There's no reason to just spend that money. We'll eventually need to give Monroe a big time deal. Knight will command some money eventually too. Sure Drummond will be 3 years down the road, but we need to make sure we have the room to keep all of these young guys that we've drafted that look like they're going to be a good core for us.
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