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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

Originally Posted by D.J.
Regular season- Stockton > Isiah
Playoffs- Isiah >>> Stockton

Could Be...But U Must Remember Stockton Played Only 1 One Great Offensive Player in Malone, a Versatile Bailey and a Great Shot Blocker Paint Defender in Eaton (88 Jazz > 97 or 98 Jazz)

While...Isiah Played With a Total Stocked Team: 2 Great Scorers in Dantley and Aguirre. 1 Good Scorer in Dumars ( Best Back Court of the 80s). 2 Great Rebounders in Laimbeer and Rodman and 5 Great Defenders in Dumars, Rodman, Salley, Laimbeer and Mahorn.

Isiah Had It Easier than John.
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