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Default Re: Recruiting for next season

Across other recruiting boards, it appears Wiggins is exploring more options outside of UK and FSU. His family has been calling schools over the past week asking for increased involvement in his recruitment. In the last year +, it has always been implied that those two schools were the only options.

So this is interesting to say the least. Guess if he decides to reclassify, he doesn't want to go to a team where there's 3, or more, guys who prefer to have the ball in their hands already.

UK got lucky with MKG and Davis. Both can be extremely effective (I'd say better, even) off the ball. The team they are building looks more like a collection of talent rather than a masterpiece that can develop chemistry in less than a season.

I also heard Wiggins and Randle aren't fans of the Harrison twins so that might have something to do with it. Although most assume Randle is probably going to UK anyway.

Obviously don't count out UK yet. IMO, this says two things though...
1) He might want to go to a team where he can be featured more.
2) If so, he may not feel as comfortable heading to FSU as people seem to think. Because there he would clearly be the top dog, his father went to FSU, his high school teammate is joining the Seminoles... Yet, he is expanding his list?

It also pretty much guarantees he reclassifies.

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