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Default Re: Scaled Images of Wilt/Dwight/McGee etc wingspans and height w/o shoes:

Originally Posted by Psileas
IMO, height to the shoulder is more important than actual height when it comes to basketball. It's interesting how much closer to Yao Wilt (and others) come when we measure shoulder height. So, add this to the fact that Yao has a small wingspan / height ratio (due to his big head).
True this is why 6-10+ Bosh isn't as effectively "tall" a player as 6-9 Dwight. Dwight has more massive body, taller shoulders, longer reach, etc - all the right tools of a player bigger and taller than the height to the tip of his head would indicate. He's effectively got a big mans frame, where as long slender built Bosh with his long neck is visibly a smaller player than Dwight despite his greater height to the top of his head
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