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Default Re: And just like that, Stoudemire out 2-3 weeks

Originally Posted by knickscity
Personally i really could care less who starts as they won't be in the game long anyway.

Melo is going to be the 4 on the floor unless they actually put a 4 on the floor, like Kurt.

For 5 minutes to start the first and third, Kurt is fine.

He can still defend, rebound, hit an open jumper, and he'll use his fouls accordingly.

Not sold on Copeland starting as he puts too much pressure on the other positions, and it sticks Melo as a ft 4.

But nonetheless, the main thing with this is what to do with Amare when he does come back.

Time to preserve our highest paid player.
Oh this is a MAJOR problem broham.... What will this team do until he gets back... then what will the team do when he gets back....

Stat is a prone we all know this. I dont know if Grumwald did a thorough search under the salary cap restrictions to address this issue or not. I do know the results though.... Kurt, Sheed, Camby which a handful of us are not satified with because of their KRUST-INESS. You do not knowingly go into the season knowing you have a prone player and hope to replace him with KRUST.

God this team is a freaking mess. 1 step forward 3 steps back....

ITS EARLY THOUGH still time to get right!

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