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Default Re: And just like that, Stoudemire out 2-3 weeks

Originally Posted by knickscity
If you think your starting pf is not capable of doing his job due to health, you either.......

Limit his minutes and let other cover some of it, or move him for one who may be able to.

The purpose of the bench is not to replace the starter, but to give the starter some breaks.

I know guys hate these moves, and that's fine, what i hate is the complaining of such when the bigger issue is higher than that.

Our highest paid player is unable to play at the highest level.

No one off any bench solves that.
I dont disagree with any of those points really. But Melo is our highest paid player and this is about Stat's injury and replacing him etc.....

Melo (Superstar) cant carry this team (which Superstars do) But he can help the TEAM win though.

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