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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

The roster is not complete. Now it's ok to say that- a month or two ago it wasn't?

The problem is the lack of players w trade value- ESP w Amare's value being really questionable.
Carmelo- tons of value, but why trade him without ever trying to build around him
Shumpert- only young player w value, would you have to trade him to make any significant deal? If you only plan to use him as a sg you have to be willing to move him
Chandler-maybe he is the one who should be traded while still at high value if nobody will take amare
Felton- very moveable w a backup pg contract- cant see why a team wouldn't demand him in any amare deal.

Anybody else have much positive trade value? Maybe Novak and k Thomas as salary

Team badly needs a shakeup- waiting another year lowers every one of their values. Sure it was amares team but as soon as you get Carmelo you need to build around him and not despite him
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