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Default Re: Recruiting for next season

Because he was likely heading to UK. His reclassification was in limbo and UK had been stringing James Young around the entire time waiting on Wiggins. They decided to take on Young.

Do you think most of the 2013 UK recruits will still be there in 2014 if he doesn't reclassify? I don't and the majority of recruits don't expect them to be either, which is how Cal can reload for the following season before the current season starts. Right now he's getting guys and he doesn't even have enough scholarships for... Why? Because we all know the freshman, and maybe someone like Harrow, will bolt for the NBA.

So why would Wiggins worry about players who won't even be there in two years?

btw, the list of schools the Wiggins camp reached out to is:
-North Carolina (Been listed in his top 3 for over the past year, has family in NC, his dad grew up in NC and wanted to attend UNC.)
-Kansas (Recently started recruiting him. Not sure of any connections.)
-Ohio State (Recently as well, a bit longer than KU. Has a brother at Wichita State)
-Syracuse (They haven't started recruiting him yet. His AAU teammate Tyler Ennis is committed to them.)

To go along with:
-UK (One and done school)
-FSU (Parents went there and has a good relationship with Leonard Hamilton)

A quote from Wiggins, himself:

“Every school is the same to me right now,” Wiggins said. “I don’t have any favorites. Even if a new school wanted to recruit me they can. My options are wide open, but a lot of schools aren’t recruiting me because of what they think.”

“I told them so they know now,” he added. “Hopefully other schools know now so they can start recruiting me.”

Virtually only FSU and UK have been recruiting him over the past year.

This is the consensus best player in his class since he was a freshman. Most seem to think he's the best player not in the NBA, including high school, college, and overseas....

Yet, no one else is even giving him a flier? That's how much it was assumed he would end up at UK or FSU. Even the college coaches knew it.

There's so much to take in his recruitment now... I don't think anyone has a clue where he is going anymore.

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