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Default Re: Is Lakers depth a problem?

Originally Posted by dd24
Those are old contracts before the new CBA. At the time Blake at 4 million per season seemed like it was a great deal. Hindsight 20/20 it really didn't work out. Who knows, maybe if any of those other guys came to LA they'd be busts on the bench too.
Old CBA used the same tax rate as they are using now so your post makes no sense. New tax system has not come into effect yet.

On to the topic, the bench has yet to build an identity, injuries have shaken up the roster enough that we won't see the true bench until they stop filling in for starters and the normal bench rotation is put into action. You have your starting center his back up and the first PF off the bench all missing the preseason games. That put pressure on the perimeter role players since there was no reason to even guard the paint. When Jamison and Hill are back in the rotation then Pau and Howard can overlap on substitutions and you have solid interior presence. When your only back up big man on the floor is Robert Sacre you're going to leave your perimeter exposed to a lot of defensive attention
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