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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Finally! I can now finally discuss Association mode with yall. We didn't have a thread like this last year.

Anyways, I had like a STORYLINE last year in my own little imagination T-Mac and Vince Carter paired up to beat the BIG 3 (Sorry im already laughing my ass off at this point) ... I forgot which team though.

Anyways, im gonna try to rebuild a team and lead them to a championship w/out and STAR but full of role players.

I played Association mode when the game first came out though, I chose the Knicks, had TRADE OVER-RIDE ON. Melo + 1st Round Pick For Lebron (In my own head, the Heat was done with him for some reason and wanted to trade him.)

Bring back Ha. Seung-Jin! I always chose him as my FILLER.

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