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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
i would say noles are getting pretty tired of being held and plays continuing after the whistle:

btw, do you guys think mack brown is on the hot seat at all or is that contract just too good? i mean, they went 5-7 last season (losing to iowa state in the process). they have nfl talent on the team. recruiting hotbed. they have the most money and best facilities in the area bar none yet they're losing to baylor over and over and got throttled by oklahoma. idk man, he just isn't meeting expectations.

My guess is this is his last contract as head coach. They will probably allow him to send Manny Diaz packing and bring in someone they think will be like a Will Muschamp and give him top dollar type pay and hope the bleeding doesn't get too bad before Mack retires to take a different position. As long as the money keeps rolling in and the big donors don't revolt he is safe.
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