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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by TheSilentKiller
Week 8 Power Rankings

1. My Favorite Marshawn (SCY): Highest overall points, tied for best record. Combination of Lynch and Foster is proving to be pretty lethal and Cobb and Colston are having terrific seasons. Strong playoff contender.

2. Spiller Time (PT): This team can be inconsistent at times, but when it is on, watch out. Drew Brees and CJ Spiller are capable of going off any week and VJax has been a very nice addition so far. Shonn Greene isn't a great RB2 but as he has shown, he can put up big weeks.

3. Jazz Ballers (UtahJazzFan88): Very well rounded team. Weakest at the receiver position but once Maclin gets healthy you should be allright.

4. Natalie Portman's (NuggetsFan): Aarond Rodgers + AJ Green + Adrian Peterson . Whenever you have those three guys on the same team you can expect to near the top in scoring each week. Unfortunately lack of depth is an issue for this team, but at 4-3 they are in an ok position to make a playoff run.

5. Young and Hungry (Marlo): It's nuts that you have Julio, Cruz, and Fitzgerald. By far the best receiving corps in the league. Ridley and Mathews should be solid going forward, but a solid rb3 is missing. Recent trades have put this team in a good spot to make it to the playoffs.

6. The JBs (Jail Blazers): At 5-2 this team is off to a great start, but injuries to Demarco, Jennings, and Fred Davis have really hurt. If McCoy can turn it on the second half of the season this team can still make a playoff run, but it isn't looking great atm

7. BB4L: Nicks' injury and McFadden's lackluster performance so far has left much to be desired from this team. Still finding a way to find points, but faces and uphill battle to try and make the playoffs.

8. The Silent Killer: I like my team quite a bit. Most of my players have had their bye week and Jordy Nelson is starting to put up great numbers. If Bradshaw and Forte can keep running well I think I can make a good playoff run.

9. Dooms: Percy and TRich have been playing pretty well, but this team has a few holes that need to be filled. Issues at qb and lack of running back depth hurts this team a bit.

10. Illini Money (Illini Fan): Calvin and Marshall make this team very efficient at receiver, but that is about it. Aaron Hernandez getting healthy should help a bit, but some moves are in order if this team has any shot of the playoffs.

11. RBA: I actually like your team. White, Thomas, and Floyd make a solid receiver core and is it possible that CJ2k is back? If so, it may be too little too late as you would nearly have to win out to make the playoffs.

12. Gobbz iz GOOD amen (GOBB): MJD missing substantial time is a huge blow. Couple that with Carolina's offense struggling mightily and this team has a very bleak future.

Hope you guys enjoyed the powerrankings, tried to do them with as little bias as possible, and obviously not everyone will agree on everything. Tell me what you think.
good write up...

looks pretty spot on to me...
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