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Default Re: I think Dwight stays, but what circumstances could cause him to leave?

Media scrutiny (criticism) and failure to win...
Basically no other market besides New York and Boston can offer Dwight as much as the Lakers can in terms of spot light, endorsements and a winning culture.

So him leaving will have nothing to do with monetary compensation, it will have to do with him having internal problems with the organization (coach, teammate's etc.) or media scrutiny (pressure of winning).

I think getting Nash is the icing on the cake though. Dwight will have a lot of fun playing with Steve, and by the time he retires...Kobe will most likely call it quits as well. In 2014, guys like Westbrook and James will be free agents and LA will have the flexibility to pair him up with the next star for the remainder of his career.

He really is in a great situation, he isn't leaving LA.
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