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Default Re: The next 12 months...WOW guys, excitement!

Are all those guranteed to come out next year?

My top picks would be

1. GTA5
2. Bioshock Infinite

3. COD Black Ops 2

Bout it for that list. ACIII I'm not getting on release day. I'll wait til price drops. I waited months before I got AC Revelations for $10. I doubt I wait that long but xmas sales could see the price be around $40. The top 2 are my must have most highly anticipated games in a long time. I cant remember the last time I waited for a video game so hype.

Bioshock I got into real late during my achievement whore craze and it blew my mind away. I played that game over more than once. If I had it I'd play it one more time all the way through. Bioshock 2 didnt have that mind blown feel but it was still an awesome game that had a new add on Minervas Den which was good imo. Also the introduction to multiplayer had me playing it for quite awhile. So I'm really pumped for Bioshock Infinite the videos of it I've seen the graphics are amazing.

GTA 5 goes without saying. GTA 4 was the only reason I got xbox 360. It is the game of all games. I pray it has some form of cops n crooks multiplayer. I really hope multiplayer isnt weak. I'm expecting this game to be 11 out of 10.

The other titles you guys can have at it. Not interested as much. Never got into Halo or Gears of war. Hate alien, sci fi games really.
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