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Default Re: NBA All-Star balloting changes: Now two player categories, guards and frontcourt

Originally Posted by pauk
I am not sure how good this is.... are you telling me 3 small forwards and 2 shooting guards could end up starting the game or even be an all small forward & shooting guard team? Which is basically the same position/role/type of players imo....

If PF/C was the only "frontcourt" then everything would make sense....

Instead of "Guards / Frontcourt" i think there should be "BACKCOURT (pg/sg/sf) & FRONTCOURT (pf/c)" - I have always refused to define the SF position as frontcourt, its much more closer to backcourt (specifically SG) in terms of role/players than Center/PF... if not then it should be its own category.... "The Middle?"

Usually depends on the player, but it's usually closer to the perimeter than the paint. Regardless, it can work out that way. Pierce looks great and the Celtics could be aggressive this year. If Pierce is averaging 22 a game on that team, the way they're built, would anyone think it impossible for him to be the 3rd highest vote-getter amongst forwards?
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