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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

Locke predicting a breakout year from Hayward:

Everything is trending for a big step for Hayward. He finished the year on a tear. His numbers are all headed in the correct direction.

I am big believer that the players that were really hurt by the lock-out were year 2 players who lost the off-season, summer league and training camp after learning what the league really was.

Hayward’ three point shooting percentage dipped in year 2 from 47% to 35%. His career average is 39% and I would suspect he is around that number this year if not a notch higher. His overall field goal percentage dipped from 48.5% TO 45.6% again I believe much of this is due to the lockout.

Most importantly, Hayward went from using 18% of his possession to shot a three to 20% while at the same time increasing the amount of possession he went to the line from 10.5% to 12.8%. If Hayward becomes a player who uses 20% of his possessions from three and 13% of his possessions from the line he would be one of only 6 NBA regulars that achieve that. Those players are Harden, Kevin Love, Danilo Gallinari, Chauncey Billups, Eric Gordon and Lou Williams.
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