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Default Re: NBA All-Star balloting changes: Now two player categories, guards and frontcourt

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
And then I mentioned 8 other centers, while talking up depth.

Oh cry me a river man. Mentioning about a dozen ok centers, fringe all-stars, really means nothing in a league of 30 teams. Okafor and Kaman were relevant like... 5 years ago. Bogut averages like 58 games a season, and is coming off a season of 17 games played. Horford is great but he's probably better served as a power forward imo... Seriously, the league is doing this because they're grasping at straws to find AS centers (outside of Howard, obviously). You have an opinion (that depth as center is "more solid than ever") that probably nobody has. Depth of "ok centers", is more accurate. Crappy centers who might have upside are getting paid big bucks because the pool is so shallow. Teams take chances on an unproven Hasheem Thabeet type because the pool is so shallow.
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