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Default Re: Karl Malone as the Kind of the road

Stockton still plays a lot of basketball, but tends to be of the pick-up variety. He know's his NBA playing days are over. "I'm pretty sure I couldn't guard the speedy guys out front, but I'm also sure that Karl could. He has the strength and size and talent to get it done."

Malone has always been approachable, affable and opinionated. It's gotten him into trouble at times, but you can always count on Karl for performance and a sound bite.

Stockton is reserved, polite and self-depricating.

As large and commanding as Malone's physique is, Stockton is the yin to Malone's yang. Undersized, underestimated, and the owner of the greatest basketball IQ in NBA history, Stockton still finds time to compete on the court, "I can still pass it to the right guys and run up and down the floor a little bit, but I can't guard any of my kids anymore except for Samuel and he's 11 and they can guard me with ease. It's a frustrating turn of events."

Still one more Stockton to come.
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