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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I say give all of them except Copeland the boot. lol

We have not seen this guy go up against NBA talent but I will say until that point he is serviceble and way better than kidd (Franchize is better than Kidd).

Glad you've seen the light lol

To White's credit he hasn't looked bad out there, he's been doing a little bit of everything rather than scoring.

I don't dispute this but with that said, I'm kinda disappointed in White. I thought he'd be better. Everytime he fails to score, the excuse from the Knicks camp is that he's "focused on doing everything else." Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Time to show and prove Mr James White. Times a tickin.

Thompson needs to go to the D-League and discover himself.
Thompson is an absolute scrub. He was a scrub in college too. I dont even get why he got an invite. He needs to go to and discover himself. NBA Basketball is not the job for him lol

Is there a better 3rd string PG in the league ?
Indiana, Toronto, Milwaukee, Dallas and Cleveland have a pretty nice crop of PGs. I don't mind Prigion though. He wouldnt be my choice for a backup PG but his legs are lively (for now) and his defense is better than I anticipated.
3+ million dollar Jason Kidd on the other hand.....

BTW, Rameek we've been agreeing a lot lately. WTF? lol
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