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Default Re: Is Lakers depth a problem?

Originally Posted by Asiantastic
I for one don't buy the whole "it's preseason" bs, because around this time we should have already meshed, but clearly something is wrong. However despite these losses, I'm still very optimistic about the season.

Sacre showed that he is actually effective with rebounds and clean-up points.

Last night Hill gave me every confidence that the bench can do some damage.

Ebanks is playing aggressive and proving why we sacrificed Barnes in order for him to grow as a player.

Jamison for some reason is struggling. He was supposed to be the highest bench scorer and bring that spark that we haven't had since Odom, but clearly he lost his touch or somehow just isn't feeling comfortable.

And Blake is being Blake. Some days he plays amazing but others flat out awful.

Mike Brown needs to figure out a solid rotation soon or I'm sure he'll lose his job half way through the season. Not that that's a bad thing. Hello Jeff Van Gundy!

I don't think they should've gelled yet. Chemistry doesn't happen overnight. Everybody expected Miami to win right away. They struggled at first. Dwight has only been in the lineup for a couple of games. It's a new offense they're trying to learn. I'm not freaking out yet. I feel like things will be just fine.
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