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Default Re: The Lingend is over

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Aesirs, where do you see the Rockets in the standings this year with Lin ?

Heck if I know, dude. That will be one of the things I love/hate this year - our team's instability. With such heavy dependence on our rookies and sophomores, I think we'll look like crap, then look like a terrifying lock-down defense and sprint team, then look like a team that jacks up 3s, then a team which has wet toilet paper for defense....all in the same game. And then you have to take into account Royce White's situation, some minor injuries caused some rotation players to miss preseason games/camp, etc.

To be honest, Lin's play isn't the make-or-break factor for us. Our team defense as a whole is far more important since our game plan seems to be to hustle our asses off on defense and run in transition. So far though, he's been alright. He can't shoot for shit right now and still makes stupid jump passes in traffic, but he's been a decent floor general. I'm relatively confident he'll improve his play since he's had to deal with a bunch of different line-ups and rooks.

I really don't know what to think about the Rockets this year. I think we could go anywhere from 14th to maybe even 7th or 8th in the WC (unlikely).

Originally Posted by niko
It's not hypocritical, he said it at the time actually that Lin wouldn't come back as quick as he could, that he was soft. Fair or unfair he's been very consistent.

The hypocrisy is that he's complaining about Lin's inability to get over a supposedly minor injury while he himself is unable to cease being butthurt over anything Lin-related, minor or major. Thanks for reminding me though - he hasn't been consistent either. At the time of the Heat-Knicks series, he talked trash about how Lin wasn't playing with such a negligible setback iirc.

Originally Posted by millwad
Still no excuse for Morey a la saying bye bye to Dragic and Lowry and then pay Lin big money..

Lowry wanted out. Getting a lottery pick ain't too bad. Dragic wanted a player option, which puts the franchise at a disadvantage. Lin's potential is pretty appealing. Take into account the marketing factor, and for $8m a year (which still doesn't put our salary over the minimum), it's justified.

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