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Default Re: Is Lakers depth a problem?

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I agree however, Mike Brown has never in his life been able to figure out a rotation. I'm not worried about out talent level on the bench, i'm just worried about the idiot coach.

Sacre has done a great job, IMO he has earned a spot on this team......and to think that someone on here was very anxious to cut him......right T (Poke in the

My concern was a different focus. If it would take this team a year to get comfortable, they would all get another year older. This team is expected to win the championship this season by our standards. What if they don't win it this year? Will they still be able to win it next year, with distractions such as Kobe's constant hinting at retirement, MB coaching, and other players just simply being old other than Dwight Howard?
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