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Default Re: Mavericks claim Eddy Curry off waivers...

Originally Posted by DirkNowitzki41
Not even close.

I really wish Dirk had more to work with, than Curry. This is sad. Maybe not quite as bad as Odom, but comparable. This guy will sit at the end of the bench and never dress for a game. But I'd much rather he sits dressed in a suit, instead of suiting up and pretending to play like Odom.
It will always be shrouded in mystery what happened to West in Dallas. Did he sustain an injury, and never fully recover, and be frustrated in the process?
I agree this is a perfect time to cut a player, rather than let drama unfold in the season, ala Chad Ochocinco in Miami -- that was perfect timing
Professional sports teams don't need unnecessary press that is negative.

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