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Default Re: SI Releases List of Overrated Players

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
The list is more about guys who the other players think get too much attention. If Denver can't find a trade partner that thinks Tebow should be their starter and thus can only get a 6th round pick (or whatever) how is he overrated? And everyone thinks Sanchez stinks. You could call Romo and Vick overrated though.

Keep in mind the HYPE around Tebow in Denver. His NFL peers just think Tebow gets more credit, attention than he deserves. Thats why he is rated. You're thinking a different way than his peers do. Its all about rep and how you are percieved. It tends to follow you. Sanchez the good lookin kid from USC in the big Apple all on GQ covers etc etc. Yet hasnt done much to brag about. Thats how his peers look at him, thus feel he is overrated. Look at D.Thomas Denver WR comments when they aquired Manning. He didnt have compliments for Tebow. So in his mind Tebow isnt a good QB yet all on espn its Tebow mania. Thats how some of his peers are looking at him. You're lookin at the fact he is a backup and no team traded for him to be their starter. They arent lookin at it that way. Follow? Do I make sense?
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