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Arrow Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

WOW! I won the NBA Finals with the Celitcs.

Ronda/D. Fish
Shannon Brown/Wesley Johnson? (Is that his name?)
Pierce/Ron Artest
Brook Lopez/Robin Lopez

We all know im a Laker fan, and it was really sad seeing those players in the Free Agency Pool. I acquired Shannon Brown and Wesley Johnson by trading Jason Terry & Rip Hamilton, they were just not doing it for me. Both scored the lowest FG% for me, I checked the metric stats and both were just chuckers and wasn't helping the team at all. Both were traded to the Suns for Brown & Johnson (Hamilton + Terry + Cavs 1st pick for Brown + Johnson).

Funny story for Kmart. He was actually good until he got injured during the last 4 games in the finals, he had a severe injury like around the Semi-Finals? and had to be taken out of the rotation, but I never knew he came back healthy and was ready to play - So I simulated the games and stuffs and his Morale became 0% and asked for a trade

And I won the NBA Finals ... Rondo was the Finals MVP. It's really great cuz ANY PLAYER that's above 30+ in the free agency WILL take a paycut and sign with your team! I GOT MELO DAWG! THE FUTURE!

SIGNED MELO - 5mil per year/5 yrs.

They do not mess around in the rotation, im telling you ... You have to give your bench warmers minutes now or else theyll ask for a trade, WTF!
In the previous NBA 2k games, it would have been alright if you just set their minutes to 0.

Anyways ... I'm bout to start my season.
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