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Default Re: How well did I draft? Rate please.

Originally Posted by CTulc
I'm in a 10 man league:

I drafted in this order

Kevin Love (3rd)
Dwight (18th)
Iggy (22nd)
Tony Parker (37th)
Zach Randolph (40th)
Kenneth Faried (45th)
Aaron Afflalo (48th)
Kyle Lowry (53rd)
Gerald Wallace (56th)
Bradley Beal (71st)
Andrew Bogut (74th)
Austin Rivers (89th)
Andre Drummond (92nd)

I think I did pretty well with a good amount of speculation along with balance.

cp3 is def more valuable esp with the fact that love is a lil injured. im assuming its a h2h league (dwight in 2nd round) but i still think you took tony/zach/faried too high. they all have their respective flaws in the game. I like lowry at 53rd though and bogut at 74.
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