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Default Re: Week 8 Game Thread and Discussion

Originally Posted by KG215
I'm playing Christian Ponder and of course he's getting ready to get a garbage time TD with the Bucs defense not really caring or trying anymore.

maybe the bucs D of last year. schiano has these guys playing till the last whistle.

feel kinda bad for the guy i'm facing though...he just seems to get terrible matchups. he has the 4th least amount of points in the league but is ranked dead last. so i face him with a beat up team and my main guys on bye. MJD hurt, foster and torrey smith on bye. he's about a 15 point favorite. he should feel good.

and of course....martin craps all over him, has his breakout game and his vikings points not only give him nothing, they leave him in the red at -3.3. the kicker? i traded him for martin a few weeks back. i mean, the dude must be cursing entire legions of fantasy football gods. i've had some bad luck but all the fantasy gods hate this guy

i give him credit since he's still trying. he could still win but by his luck, my hernandez, britt and luck (pardon the pun) will all go off. this is why folks go postal. FF is a cruel, cold bitch.

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