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Default Re: Hollinger - "Raptors 33 wins this year"; Casey/DeRozan respond to "clown"

"Whatever happens, I am just more pumped for this season to start already. This is the type edge should play with, night in and night out."

Yep i agree with you on this.

However i do feel Derozan is capable of a lot more (but not by himself, he needs a big time player to help him with the load). Unfortunately at this point the raptors will go as far as Bargani can take them. Jonas being to young to fully rely on. I do hope we sign Demar to a long term contract and he develops and we get a first round pick for Jose. Then we can possibly be headed in the right direction. Bargani is a wild card IMO i'm willing to move forward without him at this point. If he plays good we can be a dangerous team if not we will be medium to below medium.
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