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Default Re: Hollinger - "Raptors 33 wins this year"; Casey/DeRozan respond to "clown"

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Despite his questionable derivation of some of his stats, Hollinger usually gives in-depth rational behind his opinions. So Derozan is the one that comes off as a "clown" here. Play better and give the writers a reason to say that the team will be good.

Doesn't this happen every year? Writers pick the Raptors for a low win total, fans/players question it spouting cliches like "things are going to be different, we're motivated now" then by the end of the year the predicition looks bang on.

Yeah, but it's also something talk about outside of the preseason and regular season games moving. Trying to get the news going.

Maybe the predictions will be right or maybe they will be different (for the better).

Casey handles it properly. He knows there is a reason why there is this "lack of respect" and that's because the team has sucked.

Even more so why Casey is the coach and a young 20 something year old in DeRozan is not.

Basically, STFU Derozan. Just play better.

Yup, agreed.

Now that DeMar called him a clown, he's got back up his talk with playing this game at a high level.
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