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Default Re: Article: Coach Brown's offensive philosophy

Is this Kobe or Mike Browns decision? Let Nash run the offense. Last year was all Kobe iso plays. Literally, thats all it was. Now we have one of the greatest pgs of all time and a guy who at 38 years old lead the league in assists last season and Mike Brown wants to run Kobe iso? Remember, Artest, Kobe and Pau all are experienced with court movement and ball movement being students of the Triangle. From what I saw from a preseason game against The Kings a week or so back it looked like there was a lot of unselfish play and everyone was getting touches... Pau looked lost in Mike Browns offense last season and now he can run high screen sets with Nash all day plus his top of the key game is very underrated. Just saying, stick with Princeton/let Nash do his thing. Dont sink this ship Mike Brown.
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